I'm Kirsty, owner of this Travel and Lifestyle Blog; 24 Countries.

I'm from Scotland in the United Kingdom and up until the age of 19, I'd only been to Spain on family holidays. However, in my first year at University, my best friend and I decided to sign up for a 6-week volunteering trip to Malawi. I've never experienced anything like it and I just fell absolutely head over heels in love with travel.

At the time of going to Malawi, I was working part-time in a customer service job earning minimum wage and attending University full-time. I saved all my money to ensure I could go travelling to a different country every year.

I started this blog in 2021 as a means to share my travel itineraries, and tips with others. I want to show that travel can be accessible to everyone, no matter what the budget is. I'm hoping this blog will give you inspiration to go on your own adventure of a lifetime.

5 Facts About Me (Kirsty)

  1. I did my one and only bungee jump in Chaing Mai, Thailand and was that terrified that I had to get pushed off. I fell the whole way without making a sound.
  2. I really want to experience everything so I'm constantly signing myself up to different challenges and hobbies including a half marathon, learning German, taking drum lessons etc. If you have any challenges in mind, please get in touch!
  3. I've got an Etsy business, where I make earrings, keepsakes and digital downloads.
  4. I was once an extra in a Bollywood film and was both a DJ and a hotel worker on the set.
  5. I LOVE to dance like no ones watching and sing my heart out on karaoke. That doesn't mean I'm any good at either of these, actually quite the contrary, but I do give it a good go.

Why "24 Countries"?

You might be wondering if I’ve visited 29 countries, why did I decided to name my blog, 24 countries?

Well... when I turned 24, I was a year and a half into working my first full-time professional job as a Laboratory Technician. I had NO passion for this job, I didn't find it interesting or exciting, and I really didn't want to spend my life being in this career.

I’d just spent 4 years studying for my Biochemistry and Immunology degree at university to be able to get this job, so I found this to be quite disheartening.

I decided I needed a change to discover what I wanted to do. So, within 2 weeks, I quit my job, packed up my flat and moved to Austria with my best friend.

It was at the age of 24, that I realised the thing I'm most passionate about is travel because it makes me feel so free.

So, here’s to all the adventures we’ll have together!

Kirsty x

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