This post is all about events for Bonfire Night Glasgow.

7 Enchanting Events For Bonfire Night In Glasgow

Remember, Remember the 5th of November. On this day each year, Bonfire Night is celebrated all across the United Kingdom.Bonfire Night, also known as Fireworks Night or Guy Fawkes Night, is a 400-year old tradition in which bonfires are lit and fireworks are set off, lighting up the dark November skies.Whether you want to coorie up with a blanket and watch the fireworks across the city, or if you want to attend a proper bonfire night event, or even, if you are wanting to escape the noise of bonfire night completely; there's something on this list for everyone.Plan the best bonfire night for you!This post is the ultimate guide to Bonfire Night Glasgow.

This blog post will cover:

What Is The History Of Bonfire Night?

Bonfire Night serves as a reminder of the events which occurred on the 5th November 1605, when Guy Fawkes tried and failed to blow up the house of parliament in London using gunpowder.

His goal was to kill King James I with the explosion. However, his plans were foiled as he was guarding the explosions and he was subsequently arrested.

The failed attempt to kill the king is still celebrated 400 years later by lighting bonfires, sparklers and setting off fireworks displays all over the UK.

Bonfire Night In Glasgow
Bonfire Night In Glasgow

7 Enchanting Events For Bonfire Night In Glasgow | 2023

The firework displays listed below are done so in order of distance from Glasgow city centre. The last event on the list is slightly different as it is dog-friendly and is firework-free, but thought I'd include it for any dog owners out there.

1. Watch The Firework Displays From A Viewpoint In The City

For this bonfire night on the 5th November 2023, there are no planned firework displays in the city centre. If you don't fancy travelling to one of the bonfire night events mentioned on this list, which are located at least 10-minutes drive from Glasgow, then I have an idea for you!

There are viewpoints in Glasgow, which offer impressive views over the whole city. These include:

  • The Necropolis in the city centre
  • Glasgow University in the west end
  • Queen's Park in the south-side

From these locations, you can watch the fireworks displays being set off all over the city from local residents. This way you can grab a hot drink, bring your own snacks, sparklers, and blanket for your own unique and memorable Bonfire Night. Best bit is it's free!

2. Be Mesmerised By All The Pretty Colours At The 'Crow Wood Golf Club Firework Display'

Crow Wood Golf Course, which is a 10-minute drive from Glasgow City Centre, is hosting their own firework display on Sunday 5th November from 4-8.30pm.

They will have an outdoor concert, with street food, drinks and a firework display. For a ticket for a family of 4 will cost £20. This one is sure to be popular so if you'd like to organise tickets for this event, follow the link below.

Crow Wood Golf Club Firework Display
Celebrate Bonfire night with us at Crow Wood enjoy our outdoor concert, street food, drinks and firework display.

3. Enjoy A Bonfire Night Specktacular At 'Lenzie Family Fireworks Night'

Located 15 minutes from Glasgow City Centre is Lenzie Rugby Club.

On Friday 3rd November from 6.30-10pm, they are hosting their annual firework display. They will have street food trucks and a bar to serve you up delicious dishes and drinks, whilst you wait for the incredible firework display.

There will also be a DJ, glow toys for the little ones and a kids funfair. So, you can be sure it is going to be an amazing night.

Tickets for this event will cost £11 for an adult, £7 for children and it's free for children under 3. If you've like to buy tickets for this event, you can do so by clicking the link below:

Lenzie Family Fireworks Night
Come join us for great food and drinks, kids funfair and of course our awesome fireworks display for Lenzie Community!

4. Avoid The Rain At The 'Bonfire Night Celebration'

The 'Bonfire Night Celebration' event takes place at New Douglas Park in Hamilton, 25-minutes drive from Glasgow City Centre.

It takes place on Sunday 5th November from 2.30pm. You can expect a variety of attractions and a family-friendly funfair. There's also a licensed bar and food stalls.

The fireworks display will begin at 7.15pm and it is the only one on this list that is seated and fully covered, meaning you can stay dry and enjoy the fireworks even if it's chucking it down (which is a high possibility in Scotland).

An adult ticket costs £7 and a child ticket costs £3. For this event, you have to buy your tickets in advance from the club ticket office.

The link below provides more information about this event.

Bonfire Night Celebration at New Douglas Park, Hamilton | What’s On Lanarkshire
Looking for a safe and fun way to enjoy bonfire night? Join Hamilton Accies for their annual firework display on Sunday 5th November! What’s On Lanarkshire - your guide to events in Lanarkshire!

5. Watch The Sky Light Up At The 'Killearn Community Bonfire And Fireworks Night'

On Friday 3rd November, the glebe in Killearn, 35-minutes drive from Glasgow City Centre, is throwing their annual family bonfire and fireworks night.

Gates to the event open at 6.45pm with the bonfire being lit at 7.15pm and the firework display is at 7.30pm. They suggest that you leave plenty of time to find a parking space.

As this is a charity event, they suggest that you give a cash donation to enter. Organisers state that bringing sparklers, fireworks or alcohol is not permitted. For more information, follow the link below.

Killearn Community Bonfire & Fireworks Night, Killearn | What’s On Stirling
The organisers of this year’s KCFC Annual Family Charity Fireworks and Bonfire extravaganza look forward to welcoming you to the village on Friday 3rd November! What’s On Stirling - your guide to events in Stirling!

6. Keep The Bonfire Night Celebrations Going At The 'Kilwinning Community Fireworks'

This bonfire night event is located in McGavin Park in Kilwinning, 40-minute drive from Glasgow city centre, making it the furthest one away on this list. It also takes place the day after bonfire night, on Monday 6th November.

The stage, food stalls and rides open at 4.30pm, with fire acts and balloon art happening at 5pm. The firework display is set to music and will take place at 7.30pm.

Organisers state that bringing sparklers, fireworks or alcohol is not permitted.

The event is free but they do encourage advance donations, which you can give through the link below. Donations are essential to ensure they can afford to run the event each year.

Fireworks Donations 2023 - Booking by Bookwhen

7. Bring Your Dog Along To The 'Nae Fireworks Night'

This one is a little bit different, it isn't actually a firework display event.

Instead, it is a firework-free event specifically aimed at dog owners to allow them to take their dogs a walk and escape the noise of Bonfire Night.

It takes place at Whitelee Wind Farm, 30-minutes drive from Glasgow City Centre, on Sunday 5th November from 5-11pm. Bring your torch with you as the paths aren't lit and waterproofs just incase the weather is a bit tempremental.

The event is free to attend, but if you've like more information just click on the website below.

Whitelee events and clubs - East Renfrewshire Council
Find out about events and clubs at Whitelee.

This post is all about events for Bonfire Night Glasgow.

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