The North Coast 500 is arguably Scotland's most famous road trip; a 512-mile round trip around the Highlands, starting and finishing in Inverness. In 2018, my friends and I did our own week-long NC500 trip and I also used to live in Wick, which is a town on the NC500. This meant that I picked up a lot of local spots to go. Since I've got a lot of tips, I decided to write a comprehensive 5-part blog series on the NC500 and I've made it freely available on this blog (links are at the bottom of this post). This is the final blog post of this series and we're going to be covering the final leg of the North Coast 500 route (that is unless you are starting clockwise, which means this'll be the first leg of your journey).

This is a comprehensive guide detailing the route from Applecross to Inverness including things to do, places to eat and places to stay. Follow along my NC500 blog post series to help you plan your best North Coast 500 trip.

This blog post covers...

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