The North Coast 500 is just one big 516-mile scenic route around the Highlands of Scotland, starting and ending in Inverness. As part of this route, you will go up or down the west coast from Durness to Applecross or vice versa depending on your direction.

For me personally, the west-coast is the best part of the NC500. The views are out of this world! From the dramatic mountains to the white sandy beaches - you'll really want to take your time on this part of the route! I can guarantee you'll make regular stops on the west-coast to admire the views. This part of the route is all about lovely walks and hikes, enjoying the beautiful beaches and if you're up for it, really experiencing the rugged scenery by taking part in some adventure sports.

This is a comprehensive guide detailing the route from Durness to Applecross including things to do, places to eat and places to stay. Follow along my NC500 blog post series to help you plan your best North Coast 500 trip.

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