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This post is all about Secret Santa Gifts Under £20.

30 Amazing Secret Santa Gifts Under £20

Secret Santa is an arrangement in which a group of individuals exchange Christmas gifts with each other anonymously. Each member of the group is given someone to buy a gift for, and there is usually a strict budget.Secret Santa has became a popular tradition over the last couple of years, taking place in some workplaces, amongst friends or even, in families. Buying for someone you work with can be a tricky one. If you draw a name of someone you are close too, then it can be super easy!However, sometimes you end up drawing a name of a person you don't actually know that well. This is where this list comes in very handy, choose from these 30 fabulous gifts, and you'll have one very happy Secret Santa recipient!This post is the ultimate guide to Secret Santa Gifts Under £20.

This blog post will cover:

How To Find The Perfect Gift For Someone

Buying the perfect gift for someone can be so difficult! Especially, when you are trying to buy a gift for someone you don't know, which can often be the case with Secret Santa.

Here's 5 tips of things to do, to try and find the perfect gift for someone you might not know that well...

  1. Strike up a natural conversation with the person and try to figure out what their hobbies are.
  2. If you have the person on social media, see what they post about and if there are any clues as to what they are interested in. A good example would be: if they keep posting about a particular restaurant, you could consider buying them a gift card for that restaurant.
  3. Ask someone you are close to, who knows the person you have to buy a gift for, for any insights on the person's likes/dislikes.
  4. Find out if the person has any allergies, or whether they drink alcohol.
  5. Buy gifts that are thoughtful, practical and actually have a purpose, instead of some useless gift that is more of a gimmick.
How To Find The Perfect Gift For Someone
How To Find The Perfect Gift For Someone

30 Amazing Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts Under £20

1. For The Person Who Is The Ultimate Plant-Lover

Give the ultimate plant lover in your life, the gift of being able to propagate and grow plants at home. It also makes for a wonderful feature indoor plant pot.

In this gift box, your Secret Santa recipient will receive a propagation station with glass vase, bamboo plant label, a propagation guide, and a 6-month membership to Greg Plant Care App.

You'll also be looking out for the planet with this gift as it contains zero-plastic and it is carefully wrapped in 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging. With every order, the company also makes a donation to GreenSpark, to help recover the equivalent of 3 plastic bottles from the ocean.

Plant Propagation Gift Box


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2. For The Person Who Is The Ultimate Book-Lover

This has got to be the cutest idea for any book lover out there!

In this gift box, you will receive a beautifully-wrapped mystery book from the genre of your choice. The book will also be brand-new and highly-rated.

Also included is a hot drink of your choosing (tea, coffee, or herbal tea), a bookmark with a lovely pattern or inspirational quote, a small packet of biscuits, and a bar of yummy chocolate.

Everything your Secret Santa would need for the perfect night in with a good book!

Blind Date With A Book


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3. For The Person Who Loves Their Hot Chocolates In The Winter

If you know your Secret Santa recipient loves a nice hot chocolate, especially when the temperatures start to plummet, then this fancy Whittard Of Chelsea Luxury Hot Chocolate Selection will be ideal for them!

Presented in a nicely packaged box, you will receive 3 signature hot chocolate flavours including standard milk chocolate, white chocolate, and even, 70% cocoa.

Luxury Hot Chocolate Selection


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4. For The Person Who Is Always Wearing Jewellery

This necklace makes for a truly beautiful Secret Santa gift! You can personalise the necklace with the person's name and their birthstone, which makes this Secret Santa gift even more special.

You can choose from rose gold, 18K gold or 925S silver, and also, choose the length of the necklace you would like, 18 inch necklace is the most common standard size.

Personalised Initial Necklace

£15.99 (18" Necklace)

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5. For The Person Who Deserves An Out Of This World Gift

For Christmas this year, give your Secret Santa a truly unique gift by naming a star after them.

As part of this Star Name Registry Package, your Secret Santa recipient will receive the Star Name Deed certificate and will be given the astronomic co-ordinates and positioning of the star amongst the constellations.

They will also be able to view the star online and will have access to Constellation and Universe Explained Fact Sheets to help learn a bit more about space.

Star Name Registry Standard Star Package


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6. For The Person Who Enjoys An Escape Room

Exit The Game is an award-winning escape room game, which your Secret Santa recipient will be able to play solo or with 1-3 friends and family members.

The premise behind 'The Return To The Abandoned Cabin' is that you accompany a police detective up to a cabin in the woods; the same cabin you were locked up in a few years ago. You need to reveal the cabin's secret using a book and a strange disk to solve the riddles and crack the code.

This game is a follow-up to 'The Abandoned Cabin' game from Thames and Kosmos. However, you don't need to have played 'The Abandoned Cabin' to play this one.

Thames and Kosmos have so many other escape room games that you can choose from. I've actually bought a lot of these escape room games and they make for a fantastic night-in!

Thames & Kosmos - EXIT: The Game


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7. For The Person Who Is Obsessed With Cheese

Is Christmas really complete without a delicious cheese selection?! To accompany a nice cheese selection, your Secret Santa recipient deserves a lovely cheeseboard.

You can choose between 9 layout templates and personalise the top of this cheese board with the person's name. The cheese board also includes 4 cheese cutting tools.

The board dimensions are 21cm wide x 21cm high x 3.5cm. A fantastic gift for the ultimate cheese lover.

Personalised Cheese Board


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8. For The Person Who Loves To Capture Memories

Disposable Cameras have had a resurgence in popularity recently, allowing people to capture photos, which have more of a retro and vintage look.

If you know your Secret Santa recipient was an 80s/90s kid, then give them a feeling of nostalgia by gifting them a disposable camera to help them capture their Christmas 2023 memories.

Kodak Single Use FunSaver Camera


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9. For The Person Who Loves To Have Spontaneous Things To Do

A must-have gift for any spontaneous and adventurous types out there. This '100 things to do' scratch off poster will give your Secret Santa recipient inspiration of activities to do.

Once they've completed one of the activities, they simply scratch it off the poster to reveal a vibrant picture. It also makes for nice artwork when they've completed them all. This high-quality poster comes in A2 size.

If you don't like this poster, there is so many other ones to choose from including 100 UK Activities Things To Do, 100 Dates To Go On, or even, 100 Christmas Movies To Watch scratch-off poster.

100 Things To Do Scratch Off Bucket List Poster


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10. For The Person Who Loves To Stay In For A Board Games Night

A fantastic option for anyone who enjoys a board games night. For codenames, you need at least 4 players and you will then split into teams of 2 or more.

You'll nominate someone in your team to be the spymaster, they will get to see who your secret agents are and will have to link the agents using one word. You'll need to work with the people in your team to work out which agents they are alluding too. Just make sure you don't pick the assassin!

Codenames is honestly such a fun game and plus, if your Secret Santa recipient is your coworker, you could convince them to play it during your break!

Codenames Party Game


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11. For The Person That Has A Creative Side

If your Secret Santa recipient is creative, then this is an ideal gift for them!

This DIY Pottery Kit contains everything that you need to get started with learning the craft of pottery. It will help your person to sculpt anything from mugs to plant pots.

DIY Pottery Kit


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12. For The Person Who Needs A Stylish Everyday Tote Bag

This beautiful and stylish tote bag from Elizabeth Scarlett is a great gift for the everyday, and for someone who cares about the environment and reducing plastic use.

The bag is in a gorgeous deep forest green colour with a lovely Siberian tiger embroidered onto the front. It has thick shoulder straps for comfort and a soft velvet finish.

Tiger Velvet Shopper Bag


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13. For The Person Who Needs Somewhere Cool To Put Their Keys

For any musician or music lover out there, gift them this Marshall Key Holder.

The shape of the key holder is very similar to the speakers from Marshall and it even, comes with 4 guitar plug key chains, with the classic Marshall logo.

The key holder also comes with a hidden wall bracket, which is easy to install.

Marshall Key Holder


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14. For The Person Who Loves A Beautiful Gift Set

This gorgeous gift set includes 1x 150g soy wax candle and 1x 100g natural cold pressed Cabin & Cowshed Soap.

You can choose the scent of the candle and the soap choice from a long list of options including some festive choices.

This gift set comes beautifully packaged, so your Secret Santa recipient won't be disappointed!

Cornish Candle Gift Box Set


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15. For The Person Whose Phone Is Always Running Out Of Battery

This is such a fantastic practical Secret Santa gift, which will allow your person to be able to stand their phone up and wirelessly charge it at the same time, even if their phone is in its case.

Anker is such a trust-worthy, reputable brand with a high-efficiency chipset providing 10W high-speed charging for Samsung Galaxy, and iPhones get a boosted 5W charge at 10% faster than other wireless chargers.

You can also choose between a black or white charger. Just check to make sure their phone is compatible with this charger.

Anker Wireless Charger


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16. For The Person Who Needs Somewhere Nice To Store Their AirPods

This gorgeous AirPod Pro case is made from premium pebbled leather in a range of different colour options.

Choose between gold or silver foil writing for custom monogramming, allowing you to personalise the case with your Secret Santa recipient's initials, or with a meaningful word.

Personal Airpod Pro Case


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17. For The Person Who Needs Their Morning Coffee

For a coffee lover or connoisseur, gift them this ultimate coffee tasting set.

In this gift box, there is 7 packs of single-origin, hand-roasted speciality coffee from Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Costa Rica. Each pack of coffee serves 2 delicious cups of premium fair-trade coffee.

The coffee packs are compact, lightweight, and since, the coffee can be brewed in the bag, it means you can enjoy the coffee wherever you are!

Premium Coffee Christmas Gift


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18. For The Person Whose Coffee Always Gets Cold

Perfect for someone who is super busy and always ends up with cold coffee or tea.

This desk mug warmer has three temperature levels, which will allow your Secret Santa recipient to select the optimum temperature for them to heat their tea, coffee or hot chocolate too.

It also comes with a silicone anti-scald pad for safety and it can also be timed to switch-off automatically after 2-12 hours.

Coffee Mug Warmer


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19. For The Person Who Loves Their Noodles

The perfect gift for the person who eats noodles and ramen on a regularly basis!

This vibrant yellow ceramic Noodle Bowl from Oliver Bonas is decorated with a stunning pink and white floral pattern.

It has an opening on either side of the bowl to store the beautiful wooden chopsticks which are included with the bowl.

Dahlia Floral Yellow Ceramic Noodle Bowl And Chopsticks


Click Here To Buy On Oliver Bonas

20. For The Person Who Loves Pretty Flowers

With this gift, both the vase and dried flowers are included. If your person has just moved into a new house or flat, then this double up as a fabulous housewarming gift, alongside a Secret Santa present.

The vase is made by hand from a small business in Lancashire. The vase is 9.5cm high with a width of 5cm and it is made out of 100% eco-friendly resin, giving it a concrete texture and finish. The vase comes in a range of beautiful neutral colours from beige to charcoal.

You can also choose the colour of the dried flowers from mixed, neutral, or cream.

Small Vase with Dried Flower Options


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21. For The Person Who Loves To Smell Good

Jo Malone is well-known for its incredible fragrances, although they can be very expensive.

This Jo Malone London Cologne Discovery Collection will allow your Secret Santa recipient to test out the different Jo Malone fragrances.

The five-scents included are English Pear and Freesia, Peony and Blush Suede, Wood Sage and Sea Salt, Lime Basil & Mandarin, and Pomegranate Noir. Each scent comes in 1.5ml miniature spray bottles.

Jo Malone London Cologne Discovery Collection


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22. For The Person Who Need Somewhere Pretty To Store Their Alcohol

This hand-blown glass decanter is the ultimate conversation piece. The decanter can hold up to 850ml of pretty much any type of alcohol from vodka, to whiskey. The decanter also comes with an airtight stopper too.

It features an etched globe design with a little intricate antique ship inside. The base is made from high-quality wood for increased stability.

Whiskey And Wine Decanter Globe World Set


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23. For The Person Who Is Always Losing Things

This lovely little ring dish from Etsy is handmade using air dry clay. When purchasing it, you can personalise the dish with a name and can even include a heart or date too.

You can then choose whether you want it to be painted with champagne gold, rose gold, or silver.

The beautiful handmade dish is 9cm diameter and is perfect for anyone who needs somewhere to keep their important jewellery or keys.

Personalised Ring Dish


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24. For The Person Who Loves Unique Jewellery

These beautiful earrings are handcrafted using polymer clay. They come in a range of stunning colours and you can also choose whether you want them to be gold-plated or silver-plated.

Be sure to check out other items from this small Etsy business as they sell these earrings along with lots of other gorgeous polymer clay earrings, so you find the perfect, unique gift for your Secret Santa.

Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings


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25. For The Person Who Has The Cutest Pet

Quite possibly the most special, one-of-a-kind gift on this list. We all know that everyone is obsessed with their pets so if your Secret Santa recipient has a pet, why not gift them a personalised pet portrait.

You can customise the text with the pet's name, and choose the background colour. You will also need to send a picture of the pet to the Etsy seller, so they can design the portrait and viola, that's it!

This will be one of those gifts that your Secret Santa recipient will be delighted to receive!

Personalised Pet Portrait

£20.00 (A4 Print, 1 Pet)

Click Here To Buy On Etsy

26. For The Person Who Deserves The Ultimate Pamper Box

We all know someone who is constantly on the go, and definitely deserves the ultimate pamper night.

This midi pamper hamper includes a peel-off face mask, herbal tea, bath salts, wax-melt snapbar, tea lights, body cream, body wash, bath soap, scrunchie, and chocolate bar. Everything you need for a night of relaxation!

You can even include a 'Santa Mail' occasion card to make this pamper box more in inkeeping with the festive theme.

Pamper Hamper

£15.95 (Midi)

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27. For The Person Who Loves A Good Selection Of Eyeshadows

If your Secret Santa recipient loves all things makeup, then gift them this beautiful Morphe palette which contains a fabulous mix of mid-tone neutrals, gorgeous shimmery shades, and darker plum shades. Perfect for everyday makeup!

The eyeshadows included in this palette are pigmented, easy-to-blend, and have minimal fall out and the palette also comes with a nice-sized mirror.

Morphe 18T Truth Or Bare Artistry Palette


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28. For The Person Who Loves Freshly Baked Waffles

If breakfast or brunch is your Secret Santa recipient favourite meal of the day, then this little waffle maker is the ultimate gift for them!

It's only 10cm wide, but will allow them to prepare delicious individual waffles. It has a thermostatically controlled heat plate, non-stick coating, and a safety cut-off function. It also comes in a variety of colours.

The perfect little device, which will give your person perfectly golden and fluffy waffles every time!

Tiastar ABW59 Mini Waffle Make


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29. For The Person Who Loves To Plan Ahead

Get their 2024 off to the best start with this gorgeous little diary from Etsy, which runs from January through to the end of December.

Choose between pine green, lilac, light aqua, or black. The diary comes in A5 size and features a full year calendar, monthly planner, daily section, pages for goal setting, and a goal checker section. It also comes with a matching bookmark ribbon page marker.

2024 Diary


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30. For The Person Who Loves A TikTok Trend

Heatless curlers have became so popular in 2023, especially on TikTok, promising voluminous curls using no heat. Whether it's a fad or it actually works, depends on the individual. There are some people who swear by these heatless curlers and get the most incredible results using it!

The heatless curlers can be used on all hair types and they work best on medium to long hair lengths. In this heatless curling set, you get the satin heatless curler and two scrunchies in a sunset tie-dye design.

If your Secret Santa recipient has brought this up in conversation, it's definitely worth gifting it to them so they can try it for themselves!

Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set


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This post is your ultimate guide to Secret Santa Gifts Under £20.

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