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This post is all about Galentine's Day Ideas.

17 Super Cute Galentine's Day Ideas

Galentine's Day is celebrated on the 13th February. Yes, you did read that right. It's a day that is often overshadowed by the more popular Valentine's Day, but in my opinion, is equally as important. Galentine's Day was created by the comedy series, 'Parks and Recreation', and it's a day in which you take time to celebrate your friendships, the people who have been by your side through thick and thin. So, this February let's put more effort into spending quality time with important friends as we do with partners. There are so many ways to celebrate Galentine's Day, from nights-in to nights-out and everything in between, keep reading to find the perfect activity for you and your friends."We need to remember what's important in life: Friends, waffles and work. Or waffles, friends, work. It doesn't matter. But work is third" - Lesley Knope.This post covers Galentine's Day Ideas.

17 Super Cute Galentine's Day Ideas To Celebrate Your Friendships

1. Treat Yourselves To A Pamper Day

In the words of Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford, 'Treat Yo Self'.

Whether it's going for manicures or pedicures together, or a spa day with full-use of facilities and a much-needed massage or facial. A pamper day is the perfect day to relax, and spend some quality time with your friend.

You can find something that suits you and your friend's budget. If you are in Scotland, you can find some really good deals for beauty treatments and spa days on itison. You can even find some really cute pamper boxes on Etsy for a relaxing night-in together.

2. Have A Movie Marathon

Get your girls over to rewatch your favourite tv shows or movies together, or head out to the cinema to catch the latest blockbuster.

Some great girly movie choices include Means Girls, the Devil Wears Prada, and Clueless. If TV shows are more your thing, you can't go wrong with Gilmore Girls or Gossip Girl.

Etsy does some really lovely digital invitations, movie night-in boxes and girly movie match games to make your night-in super cute!

Movie Night-In

3. Plan A Fun Games Night-In

This Galentine’s Day, get the blankets, snacks and wine at the ready, for a cosy board game night-in with your friends. 

If you are looking for some board games to unleash you and your friends’ competitive sides, then I really recommend codenames, or a ticket to ride.

Or if you are wanting more hilarity, then telestrations is an incredibly fun game and this party game is fantastic to get to your friends that little bit more than you already did. 

4. Have A Good Old Chinwag Over Dinner

Sometimes life gets in the way and before you know it, it's been a couple of weeks since you saw your friends and you are in desperate need of a good catch up.

One of the best ways to catch up with friends is over dinner. Since, you’ve booked out that time together, it means that you can spend some really quality time together, chatting away over some delicious food.

It doesn’t need to be an expensive night either. Instead of going for dinner, you could go for a coffee together instead, or have your friend over and cook them a tasty meal. 

Dinner Date
Dinner Date

5. Get Creative On An Arts and Crafts Night

If you and your friends are creative types, or you are just looking for something a wee bit different to do together, then why not plan an arts and crafts night. 

In most major towns and cities, there are usually creative workshops that you could attend like flower arranging, jewellery making, crocheting, paint and sip events, and more.

If you are wanting a comfy night-in then, there are art and craft boxes available to buy on Etsy including a painting box, candle-making box, or a pottery-making box.

6. Learn Something New At A Cooking Class

For the gals who love their food (that’s everyone, right?), want to learn more culinary skills and explore new cuisines, then a cooking class is the way forward.  

Whether you are looking for a pasta-making masterclass, sushi-making, or even, cake-baking, there are cooking classes for pretty much every cuisine.

Taking a cooking class with a friend is a great bonding experience as you learn something new together. 

Cooking Class
Cooking Class

7. Get Tipsy At A Wine Tasting

If you are anything like me, your knowledge of wine starts and finishes with a £5 from the nearest supermarket.  

I learned recently that wine has legs, who knew?! Well apparently, there’s lots to learn about wine! 

During a wine tasting, you will be guided through the process often by a sommelier and along the way, you’ll sniff, swirl, inhale and taste the various types of wine. Sure to be a fun Galentine's day out for you and your friends!

8. Dress Up For A Night At The Theatre

Get dressed up to nines and head to the theatre with your friends this Galentine’s. You can go see a show at the theatre in most major cities in the UK, with London having the best selection. 

If you and your friends want to be super adventurous, you could even fly to London for the day to go see a show as you can sometimes find some really cheap return flights. 

Make a proper night of it too, by grabbing a pre-theatre dinner and drinks deal somewhere. 

A Night At The Theatre
A Night At The Theatre

9. Get Your Fitness On

Get your zen on by booking into a yoga class with your besties. There are so many variations of yoga classes now from hot yoga to aerial yoga, in which you are suspended from the ceiling. 

Did you know that there is even such a thing as puppy yoga now?! If you manage to find a class near you, prepare for cuteness overload as you’ll receive lots of puppy cuddles.

Reformers pilates, spin classes and pole dancing are also great options for a Galentine’s Day fitness class.

10. Indulge In An Afternoon Tea

Don your classiest dresses for a spot of afternoon tea. This quintessential British tradition, consisting of sandwiches, cakes, scones, and of course, tea, is popular wherever you go in the UK. 

If you are looking for something a bit different, then there are some cities which have put their own spin on this classic.

The red bus bistro in Glasgow involves a city sightseeing tour and afternoon tea. There’s also Romeo and Juliet afternoon tea at the Swan in London, Dr Arnott’s Sampling Sensation in the Real Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh and even, Royaltea with Drag Queens at Richmond Tea rooms in Manchester. 

Go For An Afternoon Tea
Go For An Afternoon Tea

11. Book A Virtual Event With Your Long-Distance Bestie

Regardless of whether you and your friends live in the same place or different places, you can still celebrate Galentine’s Day together. 

There’s lots of online cooking experiences to choose from including a cooking class live from Santorini, a pasta-making class live from Tuscany, or even, an Argentinean Empanadas cooking class

If you and your friends aren't able to go travelling together right now, then don't worry as you can still go on a virtual tour of the Vatican or experience cold war Berlin together. 

12. Seek Adventure On A Road Trip

Go on a spontaneous road trip with your besties this Galentine’s. Pack your bags, grab your snacks and get your playlist ready, filled with those karaoke classics that will have you and your friends singing all the way to your destination.  

You can find some really beautiful places within a couple of hours of where you live, and before you know it, you’ll feel like you are a million miles away, exploring somewhere new. 

If you are based in the UK, then it has some beautiful driving routes that you can go on including through the Cotswolds in England, The Coastal Way in Wales, the North Coast 500 in Scotland or the Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland.

Go On A Road Trip
Go On A Road Trip

13. Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Are you and your friend’s adrenaline-junkies, or just looking to cross something off your bucket list this Galentine’s? 

Well, why not do something a bit crazy that you’ve always wanted to do like bungee-jumping, sky-diving, white water rafting, or scuba-diving.  

There’s no time like the present and least you’ll have your besties to support you through it!

14. Throw A Colour Board Party

I’ve seen so many of these colour board parties on social media at the minute, they seem to be all the rage.  

If you’ve never heard of them, here is the premise: it’s when you designate each of your friends a specific colour, they then come dressed in that colour with a board of sweets in the same colour. 

Once you’ve all arrived, enjoy a fun night-in with your friends, either watching a movie, playing a game, or chatting all night. You could even turn it into an old-school sleepover.

Colour Board Party
Colour Board Party

15. Solidify Your Friendship Forever

Want to do something that will create an everlasting memory together? Then, book in for a tattoo or a piercing with your besties. 

Whenever you look at your tattoo or piercing, you’ll always remember where you got it and who you got it with. Go that extra mile to solidify your friendship even more by opting for matching tattoos or piercings. 

If you are wanting to do something a bit less extreme, you and your friends could head to Astrid & Miyu to get a welded bracelet together.

16. Book A Weekend Getaway

If you don’t think one day is enough to celebrate your friendships, then why not book out a full weekend to spend with your besties.  

You can find some fantastic flights and accommodation package deals to places in Europe, and they can often work out about the same price as if you went on a trip close to home. 

Expedia is a great option to book through as they give a 10% discount when you book flights and hotels together.  

Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, and Lisbon are all wonderful options for a city break with your friends.  

Spend a couple of days eating delicious food, soaking up the sun, and exploring a new destination together. When you arrive home, you’ll be itching to book another trip away with your friends.

Barcelona Spain
Barcelona, Spain

17. Engage In Some Retail Therapy

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘retail therapy is the best therapy’? Well, make a day off it and head to your closest shopping centre with your friends.

Enjoy a day leisurely strolling round the shops, and then, once you’ve shopped til you’ve dropped, stop off for some delicious lunch and cocktails. 

Whatever you end up doing this Galentine's Day, just remember...

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