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This post is all about Secret Santa Gifts Under £10.

30 Fabulous Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

Secret Santa is an arrangement in which a group of individuals exchange Christmas gifts with each other anonymously. Each member of the group is given someone to buy a gift for, and there is usually a strict budget.Secret Santa has became a popular tradition over the last couple of years, taking place in some workplaces, amongst friends or even, in families. I've actually done most of my Secret Santa gift-giving in workplaces, and the budget has often been £10.Buying for someone you work with can be a tricky one. If you draw a name of someone you are close too, then it can be super easy!However, sometimes you end up drawing a name of a person you don't actually know that well. This is where this list comes in very handy, choose from these 30 fabulous gifts, and you'll have one very happy Secret Santa recipient!This post is the ultimate guide to Secret Santa Gifts Under £10.

This blog post will cover:

How To Find The Perfect Gift For Someone

Buying the perfect gift for someone can be so difficult! Especially, when you are trying to buy a gift for someone you don't know, which can often be the case with Secret Santa.

Here's 5 tips of things to do, to try and find the perfect gift for someone you might not know that well...

  1. Strike up a natural conversation with the person and try to figure out what their hobbies are.
  2. If you have the person on social media, see what they post about and if there are any clues as to what they are interested in. A good example would be: if they keep posting about a particular restaurant, you could consider buying them a gift card for that restaurant.
  3. Ask someone you are close to, who knows the person you have to buy a gift for, for any insights on the person's likes/dislikes.
  4. Find out if the person has any allergies, or whether they drink alcohol.
  5. Buy gifts that are thoughtful, practical and actually have a purpose, instead of some useless gift that is more of a gimmick.
How To Find The Perfect Gift For Someone
How To Find The Perfect Gift For Someone

30 Fabulous Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

1. For The Person Who Loves Pretty Flowers

This vase from Etsy is absolutely stunning! It is perfect for holding a small bunch of fresh or dried flowers.

You can choose from a range of colours and due to the way each vase is made, there is subtle variations in colour tones, which makes each vase beautifully unique.

To make it even more special, you could try and find out what is your recipient's favourite colour and get the vase in that colour.

Mojave Ceramic Bud Vase

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2. For The Person Who Loves Their Hot Chocolates In The Winter

If you know your Secret Santa recipient is partial to a good hot chocolate, then this gift set from Gnaw is ideal for them!

Within the 'Mixed Hot Chocolate Shots' gift set from Gnaw is 3 chunks of the finest, most-luxurious, hand-crafted chocolate in three yummy flavours; classic milk, caramel, and rocky road.

The chocolate chunks have to be swirled and melted into a cup of hot milk, and then, topped off with the delicious mini marshmallows.

A truly perfect gift for the cold winter evenings!

Gnaw Choc Shot Hot Chocolate Gift Set

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3. For The Person Who Loves Constellations

An incense stick holder is an essential accessory for holding and burning incense safely.

For this incense stick holder from Etsy, you can choose between two beautiful designs, including a starry sky constellation or a moon at night with gold foil detailing.

If you have some money left over in your budget, you could even include some incense sticks in the gift. You can find incense sticks at loads of different places, including Amazon and John Lewis.

Starry Sky Constellation Moon Ceramic Incense Holders

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4. For The Person That Loves To Take Notes

Notebooks are a great gift because they are so versatile. They are perfect if you know the person you are buying for likes to write, journal, take notes, write to-dos or even, if you just work with the person, then notebooks still make for such a practical gift.

These personalised notebooks from Etsy have lined pages with a ribbon page marker and a luxury elastic banding to keep the book secure. You can choose between A5 or A6 size, but the A5 is slightly more expensive.

Also, having it personalised with the person's initials in gold or silver foil, makes the Secret Santa gift even more special.

Personalised Initial Notebook

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5. For The Person That Listens To Their Favourite Song On Repeat

If you know your person's favourite song, or if there is a song they listen to on repeat, or one that means a lot to them, then this Custom Vinyl Lyrics Printed Musical Poster is such a thoughtful and unique gift for them.

The poster will feature the song title, artist name, and song lyrics, and there is also space for a little gift message on the poster, if you wanted to leave one.

The poster is printed using high-grade inks and high-quality paper, so you can rest assured that the image quality is incredible.

Custom Vinyl Lyrics Print

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6. For The Person Who Loves Gadgets

This Secret Santa gift is definitely more practical than thoughtful. However, I would 100% rather receive a gift that is practical than something I would never use.

This wooden phone stand is ideal for someone sitting at their desk, who doesn't want to keep picking up their phone to check it every couple of minutes or wants to FaceTime, or watch a video without having to hold their phone. It's also ideal for reading a recipe off your phone whilst cooking.

It's lightweight and small, and fits both iPhone and Android phones. You can even charge the phone whilst it is on the stand. Practical and helpful!

Desktop Phone Stand

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7. For The One That Can't Function Without Their Morning Coffee

For a coffee lover or connoisseur, gift them a coffee tasting set. You can choose between 2-4 sachets of signature coffee blends, which can be either ground or whole bean coffee.

The coffee is a top-quality blend of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta ground coffee beans, which have been sourced directly for Vietnam.

Also included in the box is a personalised handwriting card, a random sweet treat or coffee scented bag, and a wooden spoon for measuring.

Coffee Hamper Gift Set

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8. For The Person Who Has Just Moved House

Gift a set of 6 beautiful Mediterranean style coasters to your Secret Santa this Christmas. You can choose from multiple designs, but no matter which design you pick, they are all so vibrant and colourful!

Each coaster is 9cm and is made from a metal sheet with decorative design on top of an absorbent natural cork base, meaning they can just be wiped clean. You'll also receive the coasters in a lovely textured gift box.

If your person has just moved into a new house or flat, then these coasters double up as a fabulous housewarming gift, alongside a Secret Santa present.

Mediterranean Persian Turkish Moroccan Coasters

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9. For The Person That Likes A Little Extra Flavour In Their Coffee or Cocktails

If you know your person always orders a flavoured coffee (e.g. vanilla latte) from their favourite coffee shop, then why not help them to make their coffee (or cocktails) at home more flavourful by gifting them Monin syrups.

This little gift set from Monin features 5x 50ml syrups; Vanilla syrup, Caramel syrup, Gingerbread syrup, Hazelnut syrup, and Amaretto syrup.

The gift set even comes with recipe suggestions to help give them inspiration on some barista style coffees, hot chocolates, or cocktails, that they can make at home.

Monin Syrup Coffee and Cocktail Gift Set

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10. For The Person Who Likes A Traditional Tea Time

This delightful little 'Time For Tea' hamper from the Market Place Food Company is perfect for the ultimate tea-lover!

It contains 40 Quality Tea Bags, Highland Shortbread Fingers, Brandy Fruit Cake, Strawberry Jam, and Lemon Curd.

Traditional Time For Tea Hamper by Hampton

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11. For The Person Who Is Always Losing Things

This lovely little trinket dish from Etsy is decorated with a floral design and can be personalised with a name. You can also choose between a round or flower dish.

The ceramic dish is 10cm diameter and is perfect for anyone who needs somewhere to keep their important jewellery or keys.

This item does get shipped from Hong Kong, delivery is free, but you will need to order a couple of weeks in advance to ensure it arrives before Christmas.

Personalised Jewellery Trinket Dish

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12. For The Person Who Needs To Buff Up Their Film Knowledge

A must-have gift for film enthusiasts or people who need to buff up their film knowledge!

This high-quality poster comes in A2 size and features 100 classic films that everyone needs to see in their lifetime. Once you've watched the film, you simply scratch it off the poster to reveal a vibrant picture. It also makes for nice artwork when you've watched them all.

If you don't like this poster, there is so many other ones to choose from including 100 Christmas films scratch-off poster, 100 books scratch-off poster or even, 100 things to bake scratch-off poster.

Gift Republic The Original 100 Movies-Scratch Off Bucket List Poster

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13. For The Person That Likes Things Extra Spicy

For people that say they can handle the heat, why not challenge their tolerance of spice by buying them these 4 miniature hot sauces.

Included in the gift set is Spontaneous Combustion Hot Sauce, Outhouse Blaster Hot Sauce, Habanero Devil’s Revenge Hot Sauce and Habanero Hot Sauce From Hell. Even the bottle names sound super spicy!

They aren't just all spice and nothing else, these sauces actually add an incredible flavour to dishes too (as long as you use a small amount!).

Xtreme Heat Hot Sauce Bottles Gourmet Gift Set

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14. For The Person Who Is Serious About Self-Care

We all need a little self-care moment from time-to-time, particularly on the run up to Christmas. When the nights are getting darker and colder, and it seems like the Christmas holidays can't come quick enough. So, why not treat your Secret Santa recipient to this Sheet Mask Discovery Collection from Garnier.

The pack includes 5 masks in total; 3 face masks (Pomegranate, Lavender, and Sakura) and 2 eye masks (Coconut water and Orange juice). All masks are infused with Hyaluronic Acid. They are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

The face masks are even biodegradable, cruelty-free, and also vegan.

Garnier Discovery Collection (5 Masks)

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15. For The Person That Likes To Plan Ahead

Get their 2024 off to the best start with this gorgeous little diary from Amazon, which runs from January through to the end of December.

It comes in A6 size and features a weekly planner, monthly overview, pages to take notes and tear-off list pages. It also has 3 pocket sections to store bits and pieces like receipts, an elastic band closure, pen loop, and ribbon page marker.

If you don't like this design, there are other designs available from the same company. There is also, A5 size diaries if you are wanting something a bit bigger.

Busy B A6 To Do Diary January to December 2024

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16. For The Person That Is Obsessed With Their Air Fryer

Air fryers have been all the rage the last year. There is some likelihood that you have heard someone talk at length about how much they love their air fryer and how much it has changed their life.

This cook book will give them inspiration for delicious new recipes to cook in their air fryer. It is even a number 1 Sunday Times bestseller so you know it is going to be good!

The author, Nathan Anthony, works at a FTSE100 company during the day, so he needed to find a way to cook that suited his hectic schedule. Therefore, in this book you'll find time-saving, calorie-counted, and budget air fryer recipes.

Perfect for busy professionals, busy parents, and even, those who have the same meal over and over again.

Bored of Lunch: The Healthy Air Fryer Book

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17. For The Person Who Loves Some Relaxation Time

In this gift set, there is 5 handmade deluxe bath bombs in the scent of choice. They have so many options for scents to choose from including lavender, lemon, elderflower and noir, and so much more.

You can also choose to have the bath bombs gift-wrapped and boxed to save you some time, meaning they are ready to gift straight to your Secret Santa recipient.

These bath bombs are vegan and cruelty-free. The Etsy seller is also a 100% certified cosmetic manufacturer and has passed all the cosmetic safety assessments.

5 Bath Bomb Bundle

Click Here To Buy On Etsy

18. For The Person That Loves A Good Jigsaw Puzzle

This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle for adults features the beautiful Northern Lights In Norway.

However, there is so many designs to choose from including Lauterbrunnen Village, Hintersee Lake, Santorini Island, City of London, and many more. These designs are perfect for someone who loves to travel or has a city/country that means a lot to them.

A jigsaw puzzle is a great gift for everyone and even, has the added benefit of relieving stress. The jigsaw puzzle is made from high-quality, 100% recycled paper.

If you know someone who is a real jigsaw whizz, you could get them a more challenging jigsaw puzzle such as a "wasgij" (a backwards puzzle).

Northern Lights Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults 1000 Pieces

Click Here To Buy On Amazon

19. For The Person That Loves A Good Book

Linked below is the first book in the record-breaking, million copy bestselling 'Thursday Murder Club' series by author, Richard Osman.

There are four books in the series; the first book is 'The Thursday Murder Club', the second book is 'The Man Who Died Twice', the third book is 'The Bullet That Missed' and the fourth book, which has just been recently released, is 'The Last Devil To Die'. All books in the series are very highly-rated!

You'll need to know whether the person you're buying your Secret Santa gift for has started this book series, but if they have, you could find out which book they are on, and buy them the next one in the sequence. The fourth one is even set at Christmas time, so makes for the perfect Secret Santa gift.

The Last Devil To Die: The Thursday Murder Club

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20. For The Person Who Loves Unique Jewellery

These beautiful earrings are made from polymer clay, and are handcrafted in London. They come in four different styles (of varying cost), but the whole collection is ideal for everyday wear.

Be sure to check out other items from this small Etsy business as they sell these earrings along with lots of other gorgeous polymer clay earrings, so you find the perfect, unique gift for your Secret Santa.

Navy Blue Earrings

Click Here To Buy On Etsy

21. For The Person That Loves To Paint

This Watercolour Art Kit is a fantastic gift for any creative, artistic types. The robin is perfect for Christmas, but there are other pictures to choose from including a Kingfisher design, or floral design.

It doesn't matter whether the person is a complete beginner or intermediate artist, as the kit comes with instructions to guide them through how to complete two A5 watercolour Robin paintings.

Also in the kit is a watercolour technique/tip sheet, 2x A5 pre-drawn outlines, 2x A6 practice/colour testing sheets, and an A5 reference picture.

Watercolour Art Kit

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22. For The Person Who Has A Sweet Tooth

For under £10, you can gift 6 freshly-baked, fully loaded brownies to your Secret Santa. These delicious brownies are made by a professional baker using the highest quality ingredients.

The 6 flavours include are Lotus Biscoff Cream and Caramelised Sauce, Terry's Chocolate Orange, Cadbury's Caramel, Triple Belgian Chocolate, Malteser, Oreo Cookies and Cream. Just make sure the person you are ordering for doesn't have any allergies.

The brownies come beautifully wrapped, and you can also add a little personalised gift message in the box too.

Loaded Brownies

Click Here To Buy On Etsy

23. For The Person Who Loves Candles

There is nothing more relaxing than getting the candles lit on a cold winters evening!

This Yankee Candle 'Countdown to Christmas' collection contains 4 miniature candles; Twinkling Lights, Tree Farm Festival, Christmas Eve Cocoa, and Letters To Santa, and the scents will fill their whole room, making it smell super festive.

Each candle burns for up to 15 hours and the Yankee Candle collection comes in festive recyclable packaging.

Yankee Candle Gift Set

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24. For The Person Who Loves To Wind Down After A Long Day At Work

For the gin lover comes this lovely pink gin tasting collection containing 4x 50ml bottles of gin; Whitley Neil Rhubarb and Ginger Gin, Edinburgh Gin Plum and Vanilla, Gordons Pink Gin and Greenall's Wild Berry Gin.

They are ready to gift as they come in a beautifully well-presented gift box. There are also some pink gin cocktail suggestions on the Amazon page (linked below), which you could include with the gift.

If the person you are buying your Secret Santa gift for isn't that keen on gin, then there is other alcohol collections to choose from including a whiskey collection, a rum collection, a vodka collection and more.

Pink Gin Gift Set

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25. For The Person That Is Obsessed With Plants

For the plant lovers out there, add a new plant to their collection for Secret Santa. They can take it home or keep it on their desk at work, as having a plant on your desk has been shown to lower stress and stabilise your mood. A great idea if their workplace is particularly stressful.

Patch Plants has a wide selection of different plants for under £10 to choose from. Depending on the plant you are looking at, the Patch Plants website will give you an idea on whether the plant is relatively easy or difficult to look after, helping you to choose the right one.

If you are wanting something that is almost un-killable; Succulents, English Ivy, or Snake Plants are good options. From personal experience, ferns can be quite tricky, but they are sometimes the nicest looking including the Bird's Nest Fern, which is linked below.

Pele - Bird's Nest Fern

Click Here To Buy On Patch Plants

26. For The Person That Has A Creative Side

If your Secret Santa recipient is creative, then this is an ideal gift for them!

This embroidery kit is perfect for beginners as it comes with detailed instructions, and a step-by-step stitch guide. You can choose from a range of pretty floral designs to be included in the kit.

There is also a reusable plastic hoop, mesh polyester with the floral pattern drawing, and 2 embroidery needles included.

Once they have completed the embroidery, it makes for a lovely piece of home decor.

Flower Mesh Embroidery Kit for Beginners

Click Here To Buy On Etsy

27. For The Person Who Loves Christmas Decorations

This beautiful personalised bauble is a lovely decoration for your Secret Santa's Christmas tree.

The bauble is fully customisable as you can choose which colour vinyl you want the writing to be in, from black, silver, gold, rose gold, or red. You can also add designs to the baubles including snowflakes, stars, polka dots, or even, animal paw prints.

Personalised Christmas Bauble

Click Here To Buy On Etsy

28. For The Person Who Keeps Stealing Other People's Mugs

This beautiful hand-glazed ceramic mug comes in a range of colour choices, including yellow, pink, purple, orange and more! The mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Due to the way each mug is made, there may be subtle variations in colour and appearance, which makes each mug even more special.

This mug matches the vase linked above, so if you had money left over in your Secret Santa budget you could buy them the matching set.

Large Mojave Glaze Mug

Click Here To Buy On Etsy

29. For The Person Who Loves To Stay In For A Board Games Night

The Abandoned Cabin is an award-winning escape room game, which they can play solo or with 1-3 friends and family members.

The premise behind the game is that your car has broken down and you’re stranded in the woods. You manage to find refuge in an abandoned cabin but all the doors are locked with a riddle. To escape the room, you'll need to use a book and a strange disk to solve the riddles and crack the code.

Thames and Kosmos have so many escape room games to choose from, but the Abandoned Cabin is a good one to start with.

I've actually bought so many of these escape room games and they make for a fantastic night-in!

Thames & Kosmos - EXIT: The Abandoned Cabin

Click Here To Buy On Amazon

30. For The Person That Loves A Night Out On The Town

Why not buy your Secret Santa an experience in the town/city you live in. A good idea would be buying them tickets for a comedy club show. If you live in Glasgow, Edinburgh, or Newcastle, then the Stand Comedy Club has cheap comedy nights.

You could also buy them a gift card for their favourite restaurant, or Itison/ Groupon vouchers for experiences like a cocktail masterclass or even, something a bit different like axe throwing.

The Stand Comedy Club
The Stand Comedy Club

This post is your ultimate guide to Secret Santa Gifts Under £10.

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