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This post is all about Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Her.

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

Valentine's Day is celebrated annually, all over the world, on the 14th February. It's a day in which you celebrate your loved ones; whether that's a partner or a friend.However, it's easy for this day to become overly commercialised and you end up spending loads of money on generic gifts like chocolate, flowers etc. Not to say those gifts aren't good, but it's really a day to show how much you care for, like or love someone, so the more personalised and thoughtful the gift, the better.Here's a selection of memorable, sentimental and unique gifts, that will really mean something to that special someone this Valentine's.This post covers Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Her.

This blog post will cover:

11 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

1. Give The Gift Of A Personalised 14K Gold Plated Silver Initial Letter Necklace

Giving jewellery for Valentine's Day can be quite a cliché gift, but if it's personalised, it makes it that little bit more special.

This necklace, from a small business on Etsy, can be personalised to include initials, numbers, symbols or birthstones. Symbols you can choose from are a love heart, an infinity symbol or an ampersand, which are perfect between two initials and make for a super sentimental gift this Valentine's Day.

It's also handmade using high quality solid 925 sterling silver and then, you can choose a white gold plated, gold plated or rose gold plated finish.

Personalised 14K Gold Plated Silver Initial Letter Necklace

3 Initials/symbols - £27.64

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2. Be More Spontaneous With The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition

Add some spontaneity into your relationship with the Adventure Challenge Couples Edition. It contains 50 exciting and creative date ideas, ranging from baking blindfolded to painting on a unique canvas. However, you won't know what the challenge is until you scratch it off.

Each challenge has a time and budget guide to help you decide. The book even has space for you to add a photo and write about your experience afterwards. When you finish the book, you'll then have a scrapbook full of wonderful memories to look back on.

The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition


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3. Look To The Sky With The Star Map Print

Give the gift of a custom star map to that special someone this Valentine's. It shows what the sky and stars looked like on the night of a certain memorable occasion.

Whether it's the first time you met, an anniversary, birthday, engagement, or wedding day, a custom star map makes the perfect thoughtful gift.

You can fully customise your star map with specific locations, words, dates, and events and you can choose from a digital copy, unframed print or framed print of the star map, as well as from a range of different sizes.

Framed Star Map Print

Unframed A4 Print - £10.40

Framed A4 Print - £40.00

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4. Engage In Meaningful Conversation With The Hygge Game

Hygge is a Danish word for enjoying the good things in life, and there’s nothing more hygge than spending quality time with the people you love, whether that's with friends, family or a significant other.

The Hygge Game contains 110 cards with more than 300 questions, designed to bring people together to share their stories and discuss the big and small things in life. 

This is the perfect gift for a Valentine's night in to get to know someone that little bit better; put down your phones and engage in some meaningful conversations.

The Hygge Game: Cozy Conversation in Pleasant Company Card Game


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5. Brighten The Room With A Sentimental Photo

Turn that special photo into a beautiful handmade Personalised 3D Photo Lamp - a wonderful addition to any home.

All you need to do is send in a clear high-quality photo and customise the text on the base of the lamp, and that's it! The photo you send can have up to 6+ people, but price increases for each additional person.

The brightness of the lamp can also be adjusted and it comes with a universal USB interface.

Personalised 3D Photo Lamp

2 people - £30.00

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6. Have The Ultimate Night In With The Lovers Edition Portrait Painting Date Night Box

Instead of venturing out this Valentine's, why not plan the ultimate romantic night in with the lovers edition portrait painting. This box will have you spending quality time together, whilst you try and paint the other person.

The box has everything you need to create your masterpieces, including cotton canvases, wooden easels, paint brushes, tubes of acrylic paint, artificial rose petals, a bucket list activity, reason why I love you cards, palettes, conversation card deck, and pencils for sketching. You can also choose from salted caramel fudge or candy kittens, and drinks are an optional extra.

You don't need to be an expert painter to enjoy this box, it's still a fun activity for beginners. There's also other boxes from the same small business that you can choose from including a pottery box, candle making box, or a movie night in kit.

Lovers Edition Portrait Painting Date Night Box

No Drink - £34.50

Gourmet Hot Chocolate - £39.00

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7. Show Off Your Travels With The Personalised World Push Pin Map

If you are a couple who love to travel, or want to start travelling to the countries on your bucket list, then this is the perfect way to document your travels.

This customisable and personalised World Map Pin Board allows you to track your adventures by simply pinning the countries you have visited using the red pins included with the map.

The company offers lots of variations of their world maps and all of them are very high-quality as they are printed onto the finest canvas material with the very best pigment inks providing a lifetime of colour-fade protection.

Personalised World Travel Push Pin Map

Price starts from £61.32

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8. Set The Mood With A Personalised Soy Wax Candle

This gorgeous candle is the perfect gift to show how much you care and appreciate someone and also, helps set the mood this Valentine's.

You can make a completely unique gift by personalising the label, scent, colour and even the trinkets on top. The candle is 300ml and has a burn time of 40 hours, varying with the chosen scent.

Personalised Soy Wax Candle

Unscented - £17.50

Scented - £19.50

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9. Commemorate Your Love Song With A Personalised Music Song Plaque

Do you and your loved one have a special song that defines your relationship, maybe it is a song that was playing when you first met, got engaged, or was your wedding song.

Whatever song it is, give it a permanent spot in your house with the Personalised Music Song Plaque. With the song code etched on the acrylic stand, you can instantly play your song by scanning it from the Spotify app.

You can make it even more personalised and special by uploading a photo of a special moment such as an engagement photo, wedding photo, or family photo to be put onto the plaque.

Personalised Music Song Plaque

A6 - £10.99

A5 - £12.99

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10. Share How Much You Care With The Reasons Why I Love You Jar

One of the most romantic and thoughtful gifts on this list is the 'reasons why I love you jar'. With this gift, you get 1 wishing jar and 50 scratch to reveal cards and stickers.

All you need to do is write 50 reasons you love that special someone on the heart shaped cards, then cover them with the scratch to reveal sticker and pop them into the jar for your loved one to choose from and scratch to reveal what you love about them.

Alternatively, you could write different date ideas to add some spontaneity and excitement to your relationship.

Reasons Why I Love You Jar


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11. Show Where It All Began With The Custom Gold Foil Heart Shaped Map Print

Do you have a moment with your loved one in a particular city that you want to capture forever? Maybe it was where you first met, an incredible holiday, or a city where you got engaged or married.

This Personalised Foiled Framed Map Print makes for a very thoughtful gift, helping you and your special someone cherish that memory.

Your special location is the central point of the map in a love heart shape. You can then personalise any text on the print to help highlight your names, the special occasion or city and the date. You can also choose to have the print unframed or framed.

Custom Gold Foil Heart Shaped Map Print

Unframed A4 Print - £12.95

Framed A4 Print - £30.50

Click Here To Buy On Etsy

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day 2024.

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Kirsty x

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