Being a complete novice when it comes to setting up a website, I am finding it’s taking a lot of time to navigate Slowly but surely, I am getting there. I’m going to take you along on my journey to setting up my blog, all the trials and tribulations. Hopefully, helping other complete beginners to also set their website/blog up in the process.

This blog post will cover:

If you need help with other aspects of Domains, follow my 'how-to' blog post series linked at the bottom of this blog. A new 'how-to' blog post will be released every Thursday.

STEP ONE: Picking and installing a theme on

1. You will need to be logged into your account.

2. Next, click on 'settings' (the cog at the bottom of the page next to the brightness setting).

3. In the ‘website’ section, you will see a tab for ‘theme’. Click on this.

4. You will be taken to a ‘ghost theme directory’, click on ‘view more’ on the right-hand side of the page above the selection of themes.

5. This will take you to a page where there are lots of themes to choose from depending on your price range ($0-$149).

> I went for a free theme as I think they are just as nice as the ones you have to pay for.

Narrow your selection of themes by picking a specific price and collection option.

6. Click on the theme you like the look of. You will be able to see in more detail what it will look like and the desktop/mobile versions of the page.

Choose the left-hand button to see the desktop version of the theme or the right-hand button to see the mobile version of the theme. 

7. If you are happy with it, click 'Install (theme name)' up the top right-hand corner of the page. Enter your site address and click 'install now'.

STEP TWO: Activate your theme, switch between themes or upload your own custom theme.

Are you wanting to activate the theme you just installed or have you installed a theme that you aren’t too keen on? Don’t worry you can switch to another theme.

1. Make sure you have downloaded the new theme you want using the above steps.

2. Go back to the settings, under website click on ‘theme’

3. At the bottom half of this page, you will see a section called ‘installed themes’

4. To activate the theme, you’ve just installed or switch between installed themes, simply click ‘activate’ on the theme you want. Go back to the ‘view site’ tab on the left-hand menu and refresh the page. It might take some time.

> As you see from this picture, I have three themes installed. Firstly, I started using Alto then, Edition and now I’m back to the default theme, Casper.

5. You can also delete themes if you no longer need them.

6. You also have the option of uploading your own theme. However, you can only do this if you upgrade to a higher billing plan such as creator.

> I can see the benefit of using your own theme as you can customise it to exactly the way you want it. Whereas with the theme you are limited with your design. However, I have now managed to get my free theme design close to what I wanted it to look like so it is possible.

You will have to upgrade your account to be able to upload a custom theme.

#1 HOW TO: Set up your account and billing.
TLDR: Go to step 1 for setting up your account. Go to step 2 for setting up your billing. If you need help with other aspects of Domains, follow my ‘how-to’ blog post series linked at the bottom of this blog. A new
#2 HOW TO: Set up your Google Domain and link it to your account.
TLDR: Go to step 1 for setting up your domain using Google. Go to step 2 for linking your Google domain to your account. Go to step 3 for activating your domain on your account. If you need help with other aspects of
#4 HOW TO: Edit your general publication details and link your social media
How to edit your Ghost general publication details, site metadata (for SEO), link social media accounts and add a Pinterest save button.
#5 HOW TO: Create the best branding for your site to attract more viewers
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